Mr. McIntyre has extensive experience with residential Landlord Tenant Law representing landlords and tenants. He has handled thousands of rental property disputes including non-payment of rent, code violations and evictions for causes other than non-payment of rent. He has represented management companies that own and/or manage thousands of units. Massachusetts has a myriad of housing restrictions and tenant protections which make it easy to violate the law, even without knowing you are doing so. What may start out as an easy eviction can quickly become a costly counterclaim. The Security Deposit law alone can be a minefield for even the most diligent landlord. Mr. McIntyre can help avoid major legal problems by thoroughly advising you of your rights and responsibilities whether you are a landlord or a tenant.

There are significant differences between Commercial and Residential Landlord Tenant Law in Massachusetts. While the laws that govern Residential rentals weigh heavily in favor of the tenants, the law in the Commercial setting gives a substantial advantage to the Commercial landlord. Accordingly, commercial tenants must be diligent in protecting themselves. Landlords are also at risk of holdover or insolvent tenants. Seek competent legal advice before entering into a Commercial tenancy. If you are in a conflict with your landlord or tenant, seek the advice of an experienced landlord-tenant attorney as quickly as possible. An eviction, or a costly holdover, can be devastating to your business and there are steps you can take to strengthen your case before it goes to court.

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